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"Prune for June" is a campaign for the Schick TrimStyle – an adorable pink razor with a built-in pube trimmer on one end. To promote the product, we launched a Pinterest contest where you choose your favorite "topiary theme" (i.e. bush shape) and create a pin board to win prizes. 

A lot of people liked the campaign, but the fun part was all the haters. Jezebel took a giant crap on the idea and called our "Pubic Hairstyling Contest" the "Worst Marketing Idea Ever" in this hilarious article. Along with cleverly scathing remarks like, "I'm Don Draper, you're Don Draper, we're all Don Draper! – the Schick ad team, minutes before they were all fired." No publicity is bad publicity, amiright?

At least Creativity Online gave us a nod. Click the image below to read more.