Associate Creative Director
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Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand / TV, Guerilla & Digital

New Zealand is the most magical place on Earth. Or so I hear, there's no budget for copywriters to fly to New Zealand. FML.


Guerilla: Spec

Air New Zealand's soon to come campaign is all about being a traveler, not a tourist. So, we thought to spread the idea we could set up literal Tourist Traps in cities everywhere. A mini Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, Leaning Tower of Pisa, etc. The message? Don't fall for tourist traps. Go to New Zealand instead. 

Digital: Spec

As a part of a separate campaign, we created meme-style web banners to promote the impressive features on Air New Zealand flights. Because with stuff like a "sky couch," even the Internet's most un-impressible will get their wow back.